This fall's trip should be another good time for everyone!

This will be a 2 day - Traditional Out & Back Tour Drive.

* Good Friends

* 2 day excursion

* 1 overnight stop

* Lots of fun twisty roads

* Beautiful country side we'll drive through

The routes are shown and linked below.

‚ÄčWe will leave the Quail Springs starting point @ 8:00am sharp on Saturday.  (October 27th)

We should be back in Oklahoma City about 5:00 - 5:30 on Sunday afternoon.  (October 28th)

Register as soon as you know that you will be able to go.  I think 14 is about as many as we can take,  so please fill out the registration form to the right as soon as you know you can make it!  It will be a blast, they always are!

Registered Participants

1. Hintze                             8. Tigert

2. Botrell                             9. 

3. Harbert                         10. 

4. Pardue                          11.

5. McKone                        12.

6. Stearns                         13.

7. Stewart                         14.


October 27th and 28th

Porsche Club of America - Zone 5  -  Warbonnet Region


Registration is Closed

If you would still like to go, please email me asap and I'll call you back with the instructions to see if there are still rooms available.

That's the only issue.